Danger of a Single Story

March 14, 2014

Over the past several months, ryeX has been studying the book of Acts on Sunday mornings. We've been looking at what this book tells us about being church both inside and outside the walls of RPC. There's been great discussion and reflection during this process, and we've been able to see what it means to really "be church" in a new and fresh way.

We've just finished reading Acts 22 and 23 which is when Paul is imprisoned based solely on rumors and assumptions made about him and not on fact. We also looked at how Paul shared his story with those that were persecuting him, and how his story always pointed to Jesus. We've looked at how Pauls' particular situation relates to us and the church. We've learned that as the church, we need to get to know people's stories and share our own, and that we're called to be open and honest with one another.

Humans are complex beings. We don't just have one single story, nor do those around us have a single story. In fact, believing a single story about someone can be dangerous--as we learned from Paul's situation. It takes a lot of time to peel back the layers and really get to know someone and develop a relationship, but when we take time to know others and to be known by others, I believe we are better for it. And, above all, I believe it glorifies God.

Recently, I watched a great Nigerian novelist, Chimamanda Adichie, give a TED talk and share her thoughts on the danger of a single story and how it can lead to critical misunderstanding. It's a powerful talk and I think you'll be glad you watched.

 Click the link to watch: