Confirmation Retreat 2016

January 02, 2016

We are having a great time on the 2016 Confirmation Retreat! It's been a whirlwind of a day so far! We had lunch at the Original Chic Fil A Dwarf House and then made it to the Calvin Center around 2:30pm. Everyone had some time to settle in, and then we got started!

We started the retreat by introducing Princeton Theological Seminary's Confirmation Project. In short, Roswell Presbyterian Church has been invited to participate in the research for this nationwide, denomination-wide project, which studies numerous Confirmation programs. The hope is to be able to offer helpful Confirmation resources to other churches in the future. Our students filled out the initial survey, which asked questions about their church involvement, why they are doing Confirmation, etc. You as parents will also have the opportunity to participate and take the survey. I will be emailing out a link next week! It truly is an honor to be a part of the Confirmation Project, and your students are excited as well!

After the survey, students received their class assignments. We have three classes this year, taught by the amazing Becca and Scott Raymond, Kim and Chuck Dillehay, and Bill Fleming and Sharon Walker. These teachers are rockstars and are doing a great job! During their first class, students took time to get to know one another, and they also came up with a Class Covenant. These are guidelines that they as a group agree to stick to for the next 12 weeks together. 

After their first class, we had a time of worship led by Kim and Chuck Dillehay. I then gave a short devotion on Matthew 14:22-33, which is about Jesus walking on water, and Peter walking on water, but taking his eyes off of Jesus and beginning to sink. I talked to the students about how we usually read this passage and give Peter a hard time for doubting, but really, Peter should get credit for actually getting out of the boat! All of the other disciples stayed within the comfort zone of the boat, but Peter was seeking Jesus and went further than any of them. I then challenged your students to "get out of the boat" so to speak, as they are beginning this Confirmation journey. It would be easy for them to stay comfortable, to simply go through the motions because they think they are supposed to. But I challenged them to really take these 12 weeks seriously. To be engaged. To ask questions. To make this a meaningful period of time in their faith journey. To expect God to do big things. 

After the devotion, students had some reflection time. They went outside and watched the sunset, read a letter from their mentor, and basically had a chance to talk to God about all that is going on in their hearts and minds as they begin Confirmation. We then ended our time in worship together.

Dinner was delicious! And as I type, the students are in their second class. Make sure to ask them about the flash paper! After class, we will be making fleece blankets for the homeless, and we will end our night with a Spoons tournament and game night!

I am loving being with your students this weekend! We will be back tomorrow in time for the 11:15 service. A special thank you to the parents who drove today, are driving tomorrow, and who donated fleece! We really appreciate it! Have a wonderful Saturday night!