Snow Riders 2016

January 02, 2016

We had an amazing time at Snow Riders 2016! The weather leading up to the trip was no ideal for skiing, so we formed a new plan for Saturday.  Instead of skiing, we went to Asheville and spent the day at Tree Top Adventures on their high ropes course.  These courses were filled with obstacles and ziplines. There were 4 different difficulties between the courses.  Naturally, most of our high school students thought they could tackle the hardest one that took around 45 minutes to complete, and tackle it they did. The hardest part of this particular course was the hanging hula hoops. They had to get across from one tree to the other on these dangling hula hoops. It looked pretty impressive. Everyone who worked there definitely knew all of our names by the end of the day. I don't think anyone would ever call this a quiet group. 

After Tree Top Adventures, we made our way to Lake Junaleska Camp and Conference Center.  Crysti Pynne was the cook for the trip and had dinner in the oven before we could unpack our things. As soon as everyone found their rooms the all congregated back into the living room for an epic game of Psychiatrist.  After dinner we spent some time looking at Psalms 121 and what it meant to us in our individual lives.  

Sunday morning we were ready to ski! We were at the slopes before they opened so we could be the first on the lifts. Ray Curtis, our resident ski instructor took some time to teach everyone who wanted lessons how to ski.  Everyone had a blast on the slopes and stayed out there all day.  We took a quick break to come home for dinner then the entire group, even those not skiing, chose to go back to the mountain to hang out together while everyone else skied. 

By the time we got back home nobody was ready to admit that this was our last night together.  We had another game of Psychiatrist and lights out kept seeming to get pushed farther and farther back because nobody wanted to stop hanging out with each other.  It was an awesome trip that was full of lots of laughs and friendships being built upon or blooming.  I had such an incredible time with the students and leaders that went!