SnowRiders 2016 - (Ski) Lift-Off

December 27, 2016

Day one of the high school SnowRiders ski trip has come and gone, and John Denver sang us all the way here,

"Country roads, take me home

To the place I belong

West Virginia, mountain momma

Take me home, country roads…"

and take us home they have. 

Or, at least the country roads took us to West Virginia. 

Leaving this morning from Roswell Presbyterian, we left behind the balmy and temperate weather of the Deep South for the brisk and windy mountain air of Ghent, West Virginia. We stopped for lunch in Louden, TN, where we had the classic chicken sandwich from the land of our people (Chick-fil-a, just to be clear), and dinner was located conveniently beside our hotel here In West Virginia. 

Many verses from the hit musical "Hamilton" as well as some classical movements from composer Vanilla Ice scored the ever-changing scenery and landscape as we traveled across northern Georgia, East Tennessee, southern Virginia, and finally West Virginia. Truly, the cardinal points are with us. Though the travel was long, it was also safe. Traffic was light, there were no accidents to experience or see, and best of all: no one threw up in the vans. 

Once we finished dinner, we checked in with the Ski Barn where we were outfitted with ski's, snowboards, poles, boots, and helmets (everyone in helmets!). We're ready to charge the hills, carve the slopes, ride the lifts, and occupy the lodge! It's going to be a fun couple of days. 

On the spiritual side of things, we went to scripture to see what God might be doing as we turn the corner into a new year. Isaiah 43:19 taught us that God is doing a new thing, and Ephesians 4:22-24 reminds that we are no longer our former selves: God continues to form us into ourselves, the selves that God has in mind. We shared great conversation and reflection. Again, it's going to be a wonderful couple of days. 

So now we must sleep in order to fully enjoy the day, but it might be difficult to stay asleep for long. 


-Drew Wilmesherr, Haley Griffis, and Ed Searcy