SnowRiders - Day 2

December 28, 2016

Today we took to the hills! Our Microtel continental breakfast killed our appetite for food, but only increased our appetite for the slopes. And the slopes were waiting.  

Arriving at 8:30, we were one of the first groups at the Winterplace ski resort, so we got our first pick of seating (strategically next to the food court). Rachel and Emily secured our tables and our belongings while five our skiers took the ski class offered by the resort. It wasn't long before everyone was well underway for the day, scouting out all the trails and building up their confidence on the snow. 

We have not sustained any student injuries, which is a huge win to me (Drew), but I started out strong with three good falls just standing around. Fortunately, we all found our rhythm and truly enjoyed this very full day. 

We were treated to a delicious meal at Cracker Barrel, although it turns out not everyone is a fan of dumplins (spelled like that on the menu). 

However, we needed our time this evening discussing further how God helps us look forward to the future (Romans 8:18) by reminding of us the great things God has done with us already (Psalm 98:1). We've had an awesome time reflecting on our past year together, and this evening we started to think about we might be changing and growing together in the coming year. 

Tomorrow we get another day on the slopes, after which we'll return our equipment, enjoy a hearty dinner at Ryan's, and start getting ready for the long drive home Friday morning.