SnowRiders - Day 3

December 29, 2016

It is a sad reality, but we knew this day would come: the day the trip had to end. In this case, the ski portion of the ski trip has come to an end.  

We we had an excellent second uday on the slopes with zero injuries among students, confidence on the snow at all-time high, and actual snow to cap it all off! 

We were able to get on the slopes early this morning around 8:30, which meant we had most of the mountain to ourselves. We had plenty of time to help anyone who still had trouble with their skis, we went through as many trails as we could, and a few of us even went tubing later in the day! After a few cups of hot cocoa by the fire in the lodge, the snow started coming just as the resort got the snow grooming machines back out. This meant that the trails were closing, so we packed up, returned our equipment, and had dinner at Ryan's buffet. 

Once we got back to the hotel, we scrubbed the ski slopes out of our brains and began worshipping in the conference room of the hotel for about an hour. Looking ahead, we each shared our hopes and prayers for 2017 and looked at scripture that reminds us God calls us into partnership in the service of the kingdom of God. We should plan wisely but allow ourselves to open up to God's plans as well.  

We've had an awesome time, but the students are ready to be home. So, until tomorrow afternoon, goodnight once more from West Virginia!