Another Epic Day!

February 13, 2016

This weekend has been so much fun! I cannot get over how much I love these students and this amazing ministry!

The morning kicked off with another installment of the Kiwi and Klaudia Kardashian mockumentary. These videos are so clever! Julianne and Margaret did a great job with them!

We then had an outstanding game of war. You might be familiar with the card game of war? Well, in this version every time a person won a round, they got to throw a cup of water in the other person's face! The overall winner got to dump a whole pitcher of water on the other person's head!

We had a lot of fun with this game!!!

Mary Beth did a fantastic job this morning talking about priorities. She had this really great visual: First she talked about the little things in our lives that take up time: social media, beauty routines, TV. She said that the sand represented that and she dumped sand in a vase. Then she talked about fairly important priorities like school, sports, etc. She used marbles to represent those things. Once she got to the big priorities like God (she used potatoes to represent those), the potatoes didn't fit. But when she put the potatoes in first and then the marbles and then the sand, it all fit! We have to hold our relationship with God as the number one thing that we focus on. It can all fit if we first focus on that which is  most important. 

From there we went into prayer stations. The kids did a great job working on different ways to focus on God. 

After lunch they headed to Main Event in Alpharetta and then they had free time. 

At 5pm we had the MOST epic lip sync battle I have ever seen. I cannot tell you how impressed I was!!!! The 10th grade boys took home first place, but it was quite an amazing event. See if you can get your student to tell you about this contest. 

This evening we got the last installment of the Kardashian mockumentary. 

Kiwi Kardashian

Kiwi Kardashian

Mary Beth also shared with us the story of Martha and Mary. She made an amazing point about how we want the perfection of Martha, but God asks us to have the presence with God that Mary had. It was really powerful. 

After our session together the students headed out for a very cold bonfire where they sang a little and then wrote down the things that burdened them and thew them into the fire. We celebrated our day with s'mores and hot chocolate. 

Once again, I am so very grateful for all the volunteers and leaders that gave so much time today. Canita and her kitchen crew were in full force and we ate like kings. 

Cupcake cake for dessert tonight

Cupcake cake for dessert tonight

But I have to tell you that Julianne and Margaret have put a tremendous amount of time and energy into making this weekend as amazing as possible. I am so very grateful that they are a part of RPC and Ryex. We are truly so very blessed!

Tomorrow the students will gather for one last session together. Parents are invited to join us at 9:45am in the gym to hear from our speaker. Then we will all head to worship together in the sanctuary. We really want to encourage all families to attend the 11:15am worship service tomorrow. It is a chance for us to show off how amazing our weekend has been, but also a great opportunity to connect our students back to the larger church and the larger church back to our students. We feel like this is the perfect way to close out our weekend. 

I hope your student has had a great weekend. If there is anything I can do to help you or your student get more connected to the ryeX community, please don't hesitate to let me know (! Thank you so much!