Family Mission Trip 2016 Update #1

April 05, 2016

We are having a great time so far on the Family Mission Trip! We have five middle school students who are here as our Leadership Team, and then a couple who are here with their families! We arrived yesterday around 4:30. We got settled in, had dinner, and then had our first evening program! The Leadership Team helped to lead a get-to-know-you game, and then we worshipped together! Our theme this week is "Go Fish!" We are looking at different "fish" stories in the Bible. During our first evening meeting, we talked about how and why the fish is a Christian symbol, and we talked about being a part of God's family. Each person made a fish necklace that they are wearing this week, to remind them that they are a part of God's family! After the evening program, the Leadership Team made a quick trip to Target for a few last minute supplies for the week!

This morning, we had three different work projects! One team went to a park and cleaned up trash and large branches. Another team went all around the area cleaning different historical monuments (one of which was the first ever copper pot that Brunswick stew was cooked in!). The last team held a food drive outside of a Winn Dixie. This was the team I got to be a part of!

It was really a neat project. Most of the students were in middle school and upper elementary school. We were collecting food for a local Food Bank called Sparrow's Nest. I was blown away by the generosity of the people of St. Simons. We would hand them a list of much needed items as they were entering the store, and they would come back out with donations! Sometimes people donated money, and the students were able to go inside and shop for the food bank. The people donating items were so excited about and thankful for what we were doing. We ended up collecting enough food to feed 25-30 families! We could barely fit everything in our cars! We took a break for lunch, and after lunch, we took all of the food we collected to Sparrow's Nest. It was great!

After our work was finished, we headed to the beach! It was a lot of fun, but also really windy, so most of us were freezing! After the beach, we came back to Epworth, cleaned up, and went to dinner! We had our second evening program, and we played a huge game of Sharks and Minnows! Then we worshipped together and Carrie taught on Matthew 4:18-22, which is the story of Jesus calling his first disciples. He calls them to follow him, and he will make them fishers of people. We talked about what "fishing for people" looks like, and how we can be doing that this week in St. Simons!

After the evening meeting, we went to get some frozen yogurt, and we debriefed the day. Now we are getting ready for bed so that we can have another great day tomorrow! I'm so proud of our middle school students and the ways they are leading and serving so far this week!