Family Mission Trip 2016 Update #2

April 06, 2016

We had another great day on the Family Mission Trip! Today we all went to the Boys and Girls Club in Brunswick. We did arts and crafts, played lots of games, and made tons of new friends! Our group really enjoyed their time there, and everyone was sad to say goodbye. However, a group of us will be going back tomorrow for more fun!

After the Boys and Girls Club, we all ate lunch together. After lunch, everyone spent some time in downtown St. Simons! We walked around and made sure to visit Sunset Slushies, the best slushy establishment on the island! I got strawberry was amazing :)

We then went back to Epworth to start preparing for our evening game, "Pin the Tail On the Whale!" The students did a great job putting it together. Once that was finished, everyone spent some time outside! It's been really great to see our youth team bond with the younger students. We are one big happy family!

We ate a delicious dinner, and then everyone gathered for our evening worship time. We played "Pin the Tail On the Whale!" Wyatt Heslin was our winner, and he won a box of Sour Patch Kids for the Heslin family to share. After the game, we worshipped together. I must say, my personal favorite part of the day was hearing everyone in our group belt out the song, "Our God." We have a great group of singers with us!

Then I gave a lesson on Jonah. We talked about how sometimes, when God calls us to something, we feel like running in the opposite direction, like Jonah. However, it is so important to remember to listen to and follow God, because God's plan is awesome and the best! So, tomorrow when we are serving, we shouldn't be afraid to leave our "safety nets" because we don't want to miss out on what God has in store!

After our worship time together, there was an epic game of Apples to Apples, and now everyone is getting ready for bed! We are thankful for another wonderful day, and we are excited for tomorrow!