Changes in ryeX

July 06, 2016

Dear RyeX parents, 

By now you have all received the news that Brad and Julianne Clayton have accepted a position for Brad to be Head of Staff at Faith Presbyterian Church in Florida. While we are very sad for us, we are thrilled for Brad and Julianne and this new chapter in their lives. Certainly, this is a compliment to you- once again you have mentored and equipped someone to take a significant step in his profession. You truly are an exceptional congregation. 

I also want you to join me in thanking Margaret Dickey Arnett for her extraordinary work as our interim high school director. Margaret filled a vital role for us and we are so grateful for all her work. Her last Sunday is July 17th as she prepares for her new position as a kindergarten teacher at The Wesleyan School. 

Sunday night (July 17) we will have a party to celebrate both Julianne and Margaret. Please mark your calendars for that night. We will send an invitation with more details shortly. 

In the meantime, we have been working diligently to put together an interim plan that will not sacrifice the quality of our youth ministry. First, we have hired Youth Ministry Architects to come in and work with our youth staff search committee. We will be able to take advantage of their tremendous network to reach out to potential applicants all over the country. They are an extremely effective company. They are the same folks that RPC worked with many years ago to bring us Louis Imsande and Emily Wright. Louis and Emily are the ones who gave birth to ryeX as we know it today. I am thrilled to be working with Youth Ministry Architects! 

Your youth staff search committee continues to work tirelessly. We are still receiving applications and interviewing candidates. Their work will continue to increase as we begin to work with Youth Ministry Architects. Please keep them in your prayers. 

Also, Emily Wright and I are working on rearranging several things that we currently have on our plates. This will allow us to work closely with Drew Wilmesherr, our newest youth staff member, to oversee the youth ministry. Emily and I both started our careers at RPC in the youth ministry and are excited to get to spend more time with the students. I will continue to oversee the youth staff as I have been, but now I will be more involved in the week to week time with the students as well as working with Emily and Drew. 

I will host a meeting for parents in August to update you on the progress of the search committee as well as give you a full calendar for the school year. 

My primary request from you is to pray. Please commit the search committee and search process to your prayer life. Pray for the people that God is preparing for us as well as for God to prepare us for this next chapter in our ministry. I will be putting together several opportunities for us to pray together as we move through this season. I also need your continued commitment to our youth ministry. Please bring your students to events. Encourage their commitment to their Wednesday night small groups. Invite Drew over for dinner. Sign them up for our fall retreat to Awanita. We are looking forward to a great year and we need everyone all in!

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions or concerns. I will continue to communicate information as quickly as I have it. Let’s stay in touch!

Thank you for all you do!

Many blessings,


direct line: 770-649-4519