#ryexsquadgoals is here!!!

February 17, 2017

What a great start to eXtreme retreat 2017!


The night opened with squad wars and a real bagpiper calling the games to order! William Wallace oversaw the events.

Our speaker this year is Randy Eberhard and he did a great job introducing us to squad goals tonight. He shared a story about a girl who was embarrassed and decided that she couldn't walk into the cafeteria ever again. Randy talked about how he sat with her as she cried. He shared with her the story of the leper who approached Jesus and asked Jesus to heal him. The leper felt alone just as the girl sitting outside the cafeteria did. Randy said that Jesus didn't lean down to heal the leper, but rather scripture tells us that he reached out. Jesus was eye to eye with the leper and held his hand out to one who had been cast aside to others. The question for us is do we ever feel like the girl outside the cafeteria or the leper? Who can hold out their hand to us, inviting us to be a part of a real squad.

After a great talk and a powerful talk, the students took off to do all the fun things they look forward to on eXtreme retreat!

I am confident this is going to be an amazing weekend! Keep praying for our students and our leaders and all that God is doing in this place!