Chattanooga - day one

June 26, 2017
Robby Cella, Director of Youth Programs

Robby Cella, Director of Youth Programs

Youth ministry has always included some measure of controlled chaos. It's a bit like herding cats they say. Today, of course, was no different. From unexpected snafus at the van rental place, to jamming luggage in every nook and cranny of those space-age travel vans, to adjusting our destination mid route, to having sermons interrupted by the occasional mouse (yes, it happens, just ask one of our students), not to mention initiating our brand new staff member Kemo (first day, first ryeX trip. Welcome Kemo!), this trip has already had its share of feline wrangling. 

Thankfully - and I think it's by God's own design - that chaos lays groundwork for what will surely become some pretty glorious fruit. It's in those crazy moments that guards start to come down. It's in those crazy moments that seeds of friendships are planted and trust between leaders and students begin to form. It's in that craziness that we can begin to know the 29 unique middle schoolers on this trip and start to imagine and dream and pray about what God might have in store for them this week, and for their lives. 

The students have already met their work teams, started getting to know the other church groups here with us, learned about the work they will be doing, and ultimately why we do it (James 1:27). 

All said, this is shaping up to be a great week to rustle some cats.  

- Robby Cella
Director of Youth Programs