Chattanooga - Day three

June 28, 2017

Wednesday marks a turning point for the students in more ways than one. As initial anxieties give way to the familiarity and rhythms of camp, the students hit their rhythm. In their work, in their relationships with one another and with leaders, in their engagement with worship and the teaching, they become more at ease.

It's fun to watch them make friends with other church groups, or really bond with a leader, or start to get down-right good at their jobs on the work sites! I heard story after story of students having a blast while grinding away in the hot sun.  

I'll take a moment to brag on my work group: as essentially a lawn mowing crew made up of undersized middle schoolers I thought we might become more of a circus than a lean, mean, mowing team.  But I couldn't be more wrong. These students absolutely crushed their lawn mowing duties, let me tell ya. Just crushed it.

Wednesdays are also the days when students really start to surprise you. In our small group time, one of our girls remarked, "ya know I wish I had a before and after picture of the widow's house we were working on because it turned out so beautiful after being such a wreck.  And ya know, it kinda reminded me of how we all were until Jesus came and did His thing with us." Just picture my jaw dropping after she says that. Amazing.

Ultimately, the rhythm of camp gets a hold of the kids as much as they get hold of it. There is something about it that allows them to find themselves in a new way as they navigate the ins and outs of their time here. Camp allows for their identity that is formed in the riggers of home-school-family rhythm, to begin to be formed in this unique place that is characterized by the rhythms of service, devotion, fellowship, and worship.

It's a great rhythm. One that helps them fall instep with the Lord of the Dance himself, Jesus. 

Robby Cella
Director of Youth Programs