ryeX RAPIDS Day 3 (Saturday)

June 03, 2017

Hey everyone!! This weekend has been one amazing adventure after another!! Your students have impressed me over and over with their strength, courage, endurance, sense of humor and humility.

After some quiet devo time and breakfast this morning, we spilt into groups and headed out for our individual activities. Our students were able to choose from paintball, horseback riding and mountain climbing. The stories (and battle wounds) that came out of that time will carry on in legend and our hearts forever! Fears were concurred and friendship were forged!

We all came back together again in the activity field to play some more games that Jake and Alex had planned for us. Our first game was a game where we all had a rope in each hand connecting us to form a large circle around a plastic trash can. The object of the game is to either pull the rope from the hand of the person next to you or pull them to touch the trash can. I knew we have many competitive students (and leaders) but this game made all of our competitive side yell loud and clear! We all had a blast and some of us even have blisters – well worth it though!

After lunch, we were back in the lake for more blobbing, to cool off and just spend some quality time horsing around. More students who tried it for the first time all wished they had tried it before because of how incredible it was to launch someone through the air or to fly themselves. Paul and Jake have perfected the art of launching a middle schooler (as well as Alex and I) into the air! We had several more students stand up to their fears and had a blast doing it!

At 3 pm, the White Water Express staff opened the high and low ropes for us. I am so proud of everyone!! Almost everyone tried the high ropes obstacles but every single student cheered and encouraged one another every step of the way. Through some tears and screams, they allowed God to stretch them and trusted He would carry them through. I loved watching the transformation Jeff had been teaching on happening in each student!!

After dinner, Jake and Alex led us in some more hilarious games including “headphone karaoke,” which is one of my faves! A representative from each team puts on headphones and sings their hearts out; the catch is the song is turned up so they cannot hear themselves singing. All of our students sang (and danced) their version of “Let it Go” from Frozen. Videos will follow!

Jeff led us in our third session and kept the students on the edge of their seats and engaged in more amazing stories of transformation and examples of trusting in the Lord. I know the Lord spoke through Him this weekend and the students will take away lessons for life. He is a gifted speaker and connected so well with our students!

After Jeff’s talk, he sent the students out for a 10-minute reflection time before we called them back in for a Concert of Prayer. Drew did such an amazing job leading us through this time calling us to thank God for all He has done for us, encourage one another, ask for forgiveness of our shortcomings, and to lift up one another in prayer. The prayers were so touching and loving! Drew lead us in songs of praise and worship that were a final touch on a beautiful night.

RyeX RAPIDS has been full of shared experiences that will tie us all together and closer to God on our walks. We learned so much about one another and I am so thankful to be a part of ryeX!! Your students are amazing and I am so proud of the growth, reflection, compassion and love they have shown one another all weekend.

I will post all of the pictures and videos asap! Thanks for trusting us with your students and allowing them to join us on this retreat! This is the first of many to come!

Jaymi Hendrix
Director of Youth Small Groups