Extreme retreat 2018 "Labels"

February 03, 2018

What do balloons, dodge balls, bananas and shopping carts manned and piloted by RyeX students have in common? They’re all part of the crazy opening game of eXtreme Retreat! And what a game it was – Human Mario Cart! If you don’t know it, Google it. All I will say is that it was hilarious, epic, and a little bit dangerous. Just the way we like it.

Before the frantic game of Mario Cart all the students were welcomed with a tasty taco bar and a room full of minute-to-win-it style competitions. As the group moved to big room we saw the winners from those games up on stage for some silly elimination style events as 6 teams compete for the first annual extreme retreat trophy. The trophy is in the shape of the Hulk, so you know its worth fighting for. After all the excitement of the games and tacos we settled into some wonderful worship led by our friend Karmen (who joined us for fall retreat). After that we heard from our speaker, Travis Nolan, about the labels we put on other people and put on ourselves. From there students were dismissed to their host homes at church member’s houses.

The time at host homes is really some of the best parts of eXtreme Retreat. This is where students and leaders can hang out, talk and just generally bring a little havoc into these kind church member’s homes. But in all seriousness, we are so grateful to these folks (and all the folks) who volunteer their time and space to make room for God to work in student’s lives. Because, for all of the fun and craziness that is eXtreme Retreat, its all about working to make an impact on students’ lives.

The silliness, the havoc, the laughter and the hangout time all help lay the ground work for relationship with these students. Because relationship, they say, leads to influence. And that’s what we are aiming for: influence. We hope to influence these kids, to show them they're cared for and loved by God and called to something bigger than the label they or other people put on themselves.

Stay tuned as we give more updates here on this blog.

Robby Cella

Director of Youth Programming

Roswell Presbyterian Church

770-649-4518 (direct)

770-993-6316 (office)