ryeX Rapids 2018: Anchored Day Two

June 02, 2018

To call today exciting is an understatement. So this is our first full day at camp and every thing happened beautifully. I love it when a plan comes together!   As much as I would like to take credit for that my leaders and volunteers are literally amazing. Our Interns Will and Emily are very proactive and have really helped to keep us on schedule. Our parent leaders Lyndsay and Cade have really stepped up as the parents, drivers and auxiliary support, even our musician Drew Willmesherr and our speaker Alyssa Worrell and her family have been so loving with our kids. Big thanks to them.

I once heard someone say,  "youth ministry is like hurdling cats". Now imagine hurdling cats on a raft for 2 hrs. That's this trip.

Full of wonder, imagination, adventure, and screaming!

Today, after being held up by the rain, we finally made it to the beautiful river and got a chance to raft the Natty.

Then we had a time of games, great worship, and the speakers topic for today was based of God doing Surgery to mend out broken hearts.


With that being said I'm realizing that many middle schoolers are more ready to go deep in spiritual conversation than we as adults give them credit for. They actually have things that are weighting them down besides grades. 

When asked, "What are some things that concern you?" They answered: school shootings, nuclear war, people killing out planet, my family fighting, getting bullied at school and much more.

As the adults in their lives its important that we know what concerns them so that we know how not only how to pray for them but also how to engage with them on a non-surface level.


After our time with our speaker we got a chance to play a crazy game of Glow in the dark capture the flag. Yall.... these kids are intense and very competitive! I was on the green team our strategy was for me to sacrifice as many of my teammates as possible for me to get the flag and bring it back....granted we lost both rounds.


Overall it's been a great day but for some reason I can't wait to sleep in my own bed!  

Well, good night Fam!