Chattanooga post 1

June 26, 2018

It’s been months in the making but now our team of 5 leaders and 33  students find ourselves joining four other churches for a week of fun, of service and of worship.  

Our group is an incredible mix of veterans students who have been on this trip many times before along with a boatload of new students, who are experiencing this trip for the first time, as well.  It’s a really cool process to see students who are new to the idea of camp, and of worship, and of hard work in service, watch and model their behavior after older students who have been doing this for a little while.   In this sense, Chattanooga is a time of first for almost all the students. Either some are trying to live into this idea of being leaders on mission, or others are watching and learning what it means to be on mission for the first time.   Of course this means there’s a lot of space for everyone to grow!

With the first day of hard labor behind us we can safely say that the students have risen to the challenge. Whether it’s painting houses or mowing lawn‘s or chopping bushes, we all did it in Chattanooga’s intense heat. Students persisted and thrimpressed everyone including themselves. A whole lot of work remains though as we partner with the city and with ministries here in Chattanooga to help support the widows who are in need of some help. 

Every evening all the campers gather for a time of teaching, worship and fun. It's a wonderful experience for the students, one which sticks with them for years to come. This night a storm rolled through camp. Amid some shuffling around to avoid the rain, and calmering into a different space to stay safe from lightning, we worshiped and prayed and learned about God as rain poured down around us. The open air hall gave us first row seats to some of God's most creative and awe inspiring beauty. 

It's already a great trip and there's still much ahead of us.