Chattanooga post 2

June 27, 2018

Today students started the second day of work. In their groups they spread out across Chattanooga and got to it. Often, on the second day the appeal of the task fades and the fatigue of the labor sets in. Students can be expected to be slower and harder to motivate. Not the case with this crew. These students work HARD! For instance, my group started strong, pushed toward a late lunch and finished strong in the afternoon. In the end 3 homes received attention, came into code, while their widows felt the tangible love of Christ's church. 

In the afternoon all the leaders from all the churches had a moment to pray, worship and share together. Today the reports rolled in of students rising to the task and working hard. As a leader to students of RPC I was repeatedly filled with pride as stories of our students determination came to light. 

Thunder storms rolled again in the evening. This time students were used to it. But, that didn't decrease the beauty and awe that ripples of lighting across the night sky produce when accompanying worship songs song by a hundred middle schoolers. 

The evening concluded with some fun commotion when a raccoon was discovered in one of our Roswell girl's cabin. After a brave stand off involving Stan Homer it was decided that the park Ranger should be called in. All ended well - even if the girls lost a few of their treats in the process.  

Stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow, and find out if demand for a "Sonic Run" becomes so great that Robby has to cave to the middle schooler's demands....