Chattanooga post 3

June 28, 2018

As the week turns the corner and heads towards its conclusion the students are really able to become more and more comfortable with each other.  You can see friendship develop and laughter multiplied throughout the camp. The students are full of energy and excited to be in this place and with each other. 

Work continued as students push to finish their work projects. But, today intermittent thunderstorms broke up the day.   Work teams had to get in the work they could and dodge cloud bursts as they went. 

Then, in the afternoon it happened: we leaders caved and shuttled all the students to Sonic. Of course the students loved it even if it was painful to wait well over an hour to get everyone their drink. 

The evening program went as planned for once and we got to experience our first "small group" time where all our students got some important time to reflect in a more intimate setting.  These RPC leaders, Emily Smith, Lori Howell, Stan Homer, and Will Durham are incredible. They are so good and so important to making this trip so impactful for students. 

Tomorrow we look forward to finishing our work projects and then an adventure in downtown Chattanooga.