The Well 2018 (Day 1)

June 04, 2018

What a great start to our week of service at The Well! This morning's worship service and commissioning ceremony really helped focus us in on what Jesus has called us to do; love our neighbor as ourselves. I am so excited to walk with our students on that journey this year! 

We kicked off our time together in The Loft with some fun games lead by 2 of our interns, Chris and Emily. Our team of interns did an fantastic job prepping the "amazing gRace" and sent our students all over campus in search of clues and challenges. I was surprised at how many students (who have grown up here) did not know where certain parts of our church were located! It was hilarious to witness them completing the riddles and challenges! What an AMAZING way to open our program! 

Next we split up into our work groups, lead by our incredible volunteers (WE LITERALLY COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!), to complete our prayer drive. We are serving at several different locations in the Roswell area, with many different mission partners so we wanted to really spend some time focusing our hearts and minds to the work we will be doing as well as the people we have been giving the opportunity to serve. I challenged ALL the students to step out of their comfort zone and allow God to stretch them and I am so proud at the response! Our students GET IT! They know why they were called to this trip and who we are here to serve! They also understand the importance of staying hydrated, well fed and maintaining all of their fingers (yes, this was a regular prayer from my group lol). 

After a tasty dinner, we headed back into The Loft for our first official session where Karmen returned as our worship leader. For those of you who don't remember, she also joined us for Awanita and eXtreme retreat this year. We are thrilled and blessed to have her with us again! She is so gifted in music but also in leading us through prayer and really worshiping the Lord. I am so thankful she has joined us again and many of the students were also excited to see a familiar face! 

Our speaker for the evening was Natalie, who is the Volunteer Coordinator at HomeStretch. We will be spending 2 of our shifts at HomeStretch so we were happy she was able to join us to share more about their mission and how they serve families within our community. While her whole talk was compelling and thought provoking, I think the fact that hit home most (with all of us) was that the average age of a homeless person in Roswell is 11. 11?!! Many of the groups talked in their small group time about what that means. The idea of living in a shelter, or their car, with their family, at age 11... Our hearts were heavy and burdened by the need but hopeful that we will be able to spend a small amount of time with some of these students and families over The Well. 

We ended our evening with an activity that has become a HUGE hit with our ryeX students... Bubble Bros came out for some Bubble Soccer!! The energy, competitiveness and smell of sweat filled the gym! Perfect end to an eventful day and even more exciting week ahead! Please continue to be in prayer for our students and the people we will meet during our time at The Well. Pray that the compassion and desire to serve overflows and stays with us so that even when The Well is over, our time loving our neighbors never ends.  

Take care and God bless,