The Well 2018 (Day 3)

June 06, 2018

The Well 2018 (Day 3)

June 5, 2018

The third day of The Well was full of exciting activities! Again, our day began with a nutritious breakfast in Alderman Hall.  The students and leaders were enlightened with a message from Sydney, our wonderful college intern, abut how even Jesus put in good works for his closest friends.  This was an encouraging reminder to uplift one another during this week.

Next, our hard-working students put together dozens of bag lunches for MUST ministries. The groups then split up between our partners Foster Care, The Drake House, and to prepare for RPC’s VBS camp.  At Foster Care, clothes, toys, and home décor was sorted and organized to enhance the shopping experience of foster parents.  Grass was mowed and edged, bushes were trimmed, and diaper inventory was taken at The Drake House.  For our VBS camp next week the students made mass amounts of cut outs of leaves and other imaginative decorations.  All these experiences enabled our students to expand their skill sets and awareness of the need in our community.

                  After lunch at Roswell Area Park everyone packed up kick balls, bases, cornhole, bubbles, chalk, and face paint supplies for the block party at the Groveway community down the street.  Hot dogs were grilled for the dozens of kids that showed up for the games and activities.  Everybody had such an enjoyable afternoon with one another that the local kids crowded the vans so that we could not leave to return to the church.  They begged for the students to return and come play throughout the summer! 

                  We then returned to the church for some delicious nachos for dinner! After dinner we dispersed throughout the church to hang out on the couches and play games in the gym. We then had worship, with beautiful music by Karmen, games led by our High School Intern, Chris Mokros Jr., and Jaymi, a talk about service by David Pynne, and an amazing lesson by Pastor Emily Wright about the importance of your church community, promoting self-confidence within yourself. Following the talk, we split into our small groups to discuss what we had seen throughout our work day and some things that stood out to us when listening to Pastor Emily speak.

                  Directly after small groups, we spent our evening activity by heading to Waffle House for some delicious late-night food! After eating all the waffles our stomachs could hold we headed back to the church to burn off some energy by playing games in the gym and talking with friends before it was lights out at 11:30! All around, it was a very busy last full day of the Well full of lots of memories and waffles, and we can’t wait for all the excitement Wednesday will bring!

Chris Mokros, Jr.