The Well 2018 (Day 4/BIG THANKS!)

June 07, 2018

What an amazing time with our students, leaders, interns and mission partners for The Well 2018! I am humbled and blessed to have been a part of this selfless week our students poured their hearts into!

Over our time together, they made 180 sandwiches for MUST ministries to help students in our community have a lunch during the summer that they would normally receive from school during the academic calendar. They helped sort clothes, dolls, toys and other items at Foster Cares for families that would need these items when welcoming a foster child into their home – often with little notice.  They counted over 7000 diapers, many small appliances, a closet full of school supplies, all to ensure The Drake House has the inventory they need to prepare for more families who need emergency assistance. They mowed so many lawns, trimmed bushes and hedges, weed-eated and even moved trees throughout our mission partner locations and one of our congregation member’s homes. They helped decorate and make welcome packs to ensure all of the kids from our community feel loved next week for RPC’s VBS program. They also loved on families during our block parties at Groveway and HomeStretch by playing lots of field games, completing crafts with them, face paint panting and feeding them. There was so much laugher and joy that came from everyone!

I wanted to thank all of our parents and congregation members who donated for our MUST ministries lunches and for our block party supplies! That was such a HUGE blessing to ryeX but even more so to the families those meals fed.

A big thanks is also in order for our behind the scenes crew and staff! Without you all, check in would be stressful, meals would be chaos and our students would be stuck hearing from me every night in our sessions. RPC Staff is FULL of such talented people who work so diligently across departments to ensure Christ’s mission is being fulfilled. I thank God for bringing me to RPC!

To our interns, you guys killed it! You all stepped up and out in so many ways leading up to and during this week! You allowed me to lean on you and ask so much of you without complaint and that example shined so brightly for our students! You did an amazing job leading our sessions, games, work sites and really drove the message on the importance of service home during your Well Words. I am so thankful to have you on our team!

I have said it before and I will continue to say it – to our leaders… WE COULD NOT DO WHAT WE DO – WITHOUT YOU!! You are the hands and feet of Jesus! You take time out from your lives, away from your families, away from your beds and showers to help us lead groups, drive students around, cook burgers and dogs, and MOST IMPORTANTLY show our students what service looks like while ministering to them 24 hours a day for several days back to back! We definitely do not pay you enough for all that you do. :)

To our mission partners, thank you for allowing us to help. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into what you all do for our community – day in and day out. I pray that our students realize the need is great and they can make an impact more frequently than once a year. You are an example to us all and your passion is inspiring! 

Lastly, to our students, WOW! Just WOW! You guys AMAZE me and confirm my calling to youth ministry - daily. I am blessed to serve alongside you all! You are an inspiration to me and all who met you this week! It’s not easy being thrown into new or unknown tasks with little instruction and serving with such joy! It’s not easy doing yard work in the heat of the day for people you may never meet. It’s not easy making 90+ sandwiches in 30 minutes when you are so tired from the previous day’s work. It’s not easy walking into a community and jumping right in with everyone you meet. BUT you did ALL of these and so much more this week!!

I saw Jesus through each and every one of our students, leaders, interns and mission partners this week. God is SO good and I am so thankful to have been here to witness The Well and the impact this trip had on everyone involved! I am so proud of you all and it’s going to be an incredible summer!