Chattanooga ‘19 update

June 26, 2019

RyeX has been participating with Son Servants and their partners here in Chattanooga for years and years. The trip changed host location for the first time in recent memory and that’s made this trip particularly memorable. 

Instead of the open air of the Boy Scout camp in Harrison Bay state park, we’re based out of a local high school.  Apart from needing to be a little more creative with our free time and group time activities the feeling of it all is largely the same. We still get to hang out with other churches, we still play silly games, we still worship and learn about Jesus, and of course we still work our tails off with in the Chattanooga sunshine. 

Everyday students get into groups of 10-20 and fan out throughout the city working at various sites improving the homes and lives of folks.  Sometimes they're struggling to keep their homes up to code due to disability, or age. Sometimes their house simply needs a fresh coat of paint and they lack the means or the support to accomplish the task without us. Whatever the case, we come along side folks to act as salt and light in Chattanooga. 

The work is not glamours - there’s no two ways about it. Kids are digging up and disposing years worth of trash left to rot, or tediously scraping and painting over and over, or mowing through thigh high weeds spotted with patches of poison ivy.  It’s not what most people would call fun. But, what we remind ourselves everyday is that all of it is an act of worship. 

Scripture tells us that as we go about our days in acts of service, we are engaging in worship. We remind these kids that worship isn’t only a Sunday morning thing.  It’s an “everyday with all of our thoughts words and actions kind of thing.” So as we leave early every morning to get our hands dirty, before the heat of the day kicks up, we remind ourselves that what we’re doing for these  folks is worship. That's an important lesson for these kids, and likewise is for all of us for all of our lives.