Chattanooga '19 update #2

June 27, 2019

Thursday is the last full day of work for these incredible students, and it was a great day.  Sure, everyone is really tired but somehow these kids dig deep and put in some of their best work. So, as we all reconvened in the afternoon, stories of tremendous efforts from every team filled the hallways.  

It never ceases to amaze me how much these students have to give. And how much they have yet to grow. And that’s the beauty of youth ministry - they’re so capable but so fresh at the same time.  Their potential is huge but there’s a lot to be learned still. 

So, when a student puts their paws on a sling blade, or a weed whacker, or even a saw for the first time, it’s such a beautiful moment of learning and growing that we as leaders get to be a part of.  Coming along side and teaching a student that they can saw a big dang tree down if they do it right is pretty cool. It’s cool for them and cool for us. Those moments carry dividends later too when we’re trying to detangle the latest drama in the hallway during free time. Student’s know that their leaders have the best in mind for them when they’re teaching them to saw a tree and when talking to them about how to deal with hurt feelings or hot tempers.  

That's part of the reason why these kinds of trips are so powerful and so important to faith development for students. It brings faith outside the walls of a church as well as makes faith deeper than a simple hi-and-bye with a youth leader on a Sunday morning.   These trips are formative for students and for the culture of the group.  We're grateful to God that we get to be a part of them and grateful that these kids are here to make it such a blast.  It's all so deeply rewarding.