Chattanooga '19 update #3

June 28, 2019

Today we wrapped up our work projects around the city. It was a half day of work - and thank goodness for that because the students were about out of gas. But they finished strong and said fairwell to the widows they had been serving. 

After a quick lunch at the high school we piled into vans for a trip into downtown Chattanooga. The fan favorite, a city wide scavenger hunt, made a return and so the students split into groups and spread out all over the city. We all gathered together at the end of our hunt to eat delicious pizza and argue over which team won this year's crown. Lori Howell and her 8th grade girls narrowly unseated last year's champs, Stan Homer and the 7th graders.  

The day finished with some emotional and spiritual highs.  We worshiped, we prayed, laughed and we washed one another's feet.  Just like Jesus.  Because this week is ultimately about becoming more like him anyway. That's why we do all that we do this week...So that these kids get to taste the beauty of what life with Jesus looks like. The hope is that it sparks a fire in their heart that doesn't go out, that transforms them and remakes them, that saves them and shapes them, so that they might find such a life so appetizing that they might seek to fill all of their life in a likewise manner. A manner that is characterized by selflessness, by a wonderful, loving community, by a seeking and worshiping of the Lord, and by a willingness to serve in radical ways. That's our hope and prayer as we return to Roswell tomorrow morning.