Headed Home from Student Life!

June 11, 2016

RyeX Middle School is on our way back from a week at Student Life! We are approximately an hour and 15 mins away.

Because we've been up in the mountains and the views are breathtaking, the majority of us have been up since 6 o'clock this morning to watch the sun rise over the landscape! I, Maddie, would wake up every morning to watch it and throughout the week, I gained company! This morning's view was the most popular and for good reason-- just taking it all in one last time! We have loved this good company! Plus, yesterday we welcomed Drew Wilmesherr, RPC's new Youth Minister, to join us for the last 24 hours of camp! He is the other authorized driver home and thankful for his contribution!

See you all back at the church soon!

~ Leaders Maddie, Cole, Sharon, & Drew!!!

Up next: Look forward to a collage of photos featuring our students at the various day activities!

-- Maddie Cox Roswell Presbyterian Church Youth Ministry Summer Intern email: *cell: *404-725-1097 *work: *770-993-6316 *Office Hours: *Sunday 8:30am-12pm, Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm