Reflection From the Past Few Days

June 10, 2016

Reflection from these past few days:

We've been in awe of the desire each of these students hold admitting, "I came on this trip to know God more." This is perfect going into a week where we seek after what it truly looks like to live for Him. We've been following the life of Peter in the Bible, giving relatable discussion of what makes following God difficult due to sin but possible due to Christ!

We've been encouraged to look at the Gospel with fresh new eyes, because too often do we get comfortable making "sin just a small problem" in our lives which inevitably has made "the cross small in our lives." Tuning in on 1 Peter 2:9 as our theme verse, we are called to be set apart as God's chosen and holy people. This means, our core reflects God's desires rather than our own earthly desires. With a new perspective, we change our focus from what we want God to do for our own need to how we can be of service for the kingdom of God. God gives us each an individual purpose. One that should not be compared to others because God gifts us in unique ways! This is so true for each of these gifted middle schoolers! Our prayer is that they continue understanding each of those purposes and bare fruit because of it!

So grateful for this opportunity and the many blessing that come from it! ~ Maddie, Cole, & Sharon

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