Chatt 2016 Update #4!

July 01, 2016

I can't believe it's our last day! This week has flown by. Yesterday I went around to visit all the work groups I hadn't been with yet. Just so you know, I've learned that they think painting houses is fun, so feel free to put them to work once they're home!

Since it was the last full work day, the groups stopped for an end of the week treat and then came back to camp to hang out. We had smoked pulled pork (SO GOOD) for dinner and then had our evening worship session. Everyone here has really bonded together, no matter what grade they are in or what church they are from, and it's really neat to see those relationships being built. It also makes our worship times together so special.

We closed our night with family time. The students shared stories from their day and where they had seen God. There was lots of laughter, which is the best!

It was definitely hard to wake everyone up this morning because they have been working so hard, but once everyone was up we all did our quiet time and had breakfast. We had our last morning session, and I spoke on putting our faith to action. Our faith isn't meant to be kept to ourselves. I also touched on how living out our faith is a response to all that God has done for us, and so we should be doing everything we do as if we were doing it for God (Colossians 3:23). I used Lane as an example of someone who didn't just talk the talk but walked the walk. Hopefully the students were inspired to act out of their faith.

The students have gone to their worksites, and I'm about to join them! We will work half a day and then head back to camp for our free afternoon. Our group will be going to the lake for a little while, and then we will head to downtown Chattanooga to explore and eat dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger! We will have our closing worship time tonight, which is always powerful. Pray that it would be a meaningful time for everyone!

We still plan to be back by around 10:30 tomorrow morning. We will have a brief time together so that the students can share about their week, and then you all will be free to take them! Thank you for letting us hang out with them all week! They are awesome! See you tomorrow!