Wildfire Leadership Teams

Wildfire is the name for our student leadership team. We encourage our students in Wildfire to be welcoming and engaging to all the students who come to ryeX through greeting, media, and music. We want them to have a “servant’s heart” and put others' needs before their own.

Students must apply to be on our Wildfire team and will be required to come to monthly training and discussion times. We equip our students through teaching topics that encourage them to live out their faith in their youth group and school. Students, this is your opportunity to step up, learn some leadership skills, and take ownership in the future of ryeX!


Wildfire Connect

Wildfire Connect is here to make others feel at home (mostly with hugs and high fives). We do this by creating a welcoming environment for all guests to enter in by greeting, serving, and connecting with everyone who comes through the doors each week.


Wildfire Media

Wildfire Media is our tech and stage team that works behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. They help share our weekly messages through amplified sound, recordings, PowerPoint presentations, Web pages, and other forms of communication.


Wildfire Worship

Wildfire Worship leads all of ryeX on stage with songs, music, and high energy. We believe that worship is, ultimately, an interactive experience between God and an individual worshiper, directed by the Holy Spirit.